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Sincethe "Mille Miglia" has been reborn as a regularity race for classic and vintage cars. Participation is limited to cars, produced no later thanwhich had attended or were registered to the original race.

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Unlike modern day rallyingwhere cars are released at one-minute intervals with larger professional-class cars going before slower cars, in the Mille Miglia the smaller, slower, lower displacement cars started first.

This made organisation simpler as marshals did not have to be on duty for as long a period and it minimised the period that roads had to be closed.

Fromcars were assigned numbers according to their start time. In the early days of the race, even winners needed 16 hours or more, so most competitors had to start before midnight and arrived after dusk - if at all. The race was established by the young Counts Aymo Maggi and Franco Mazzottisports manager Renzo Castagneto and motoring journalist Giovanni Canestriniapparently in response to the Italian Grand Prix being moved from their home town of Brescia to Monza.

Later races followed twelve other routes of varying total lengths. The first race started on 26 March with seventy-seven starters [3] — all Italian — of which fifty-one had reached the finishing post at Brescia by the end of the race. Having started after his teammate and rival Achille VarziNuvolari was leading the race but was still behind Varzi holder of provisional second position on the road.

In the dim half-light of early dawn, Nuvolari tailed Varzi with his headlights off, thereby not being visible in the latter's rear-view mirrors. He then overtook Varzi on the straight roads approaching the finish at Brescia, by pulling alongside and flicking his headlights on.

The event was usually dominated by local Italian drivers and marques, but three races were won by foreign cars. Caracciola had received very little support from the factory due to the economic crisis at that time. He did not have enough mechanics to man all necessary service points.

After performing a pit stop, they had to hurry across Italy, cutting the triangle-shaped course short in order to arrive in time before the race car. The race was briefly stopped by Italian leader Benito Mussolini after an accident in killed a number of spectators. The Italians continued to dominate their race after the war, now again on a single big lap through Italy.

Caracciola, in a comeback attempt, was fourth. InMercedes made another attempt at winning the MM, this time with careful preparation and a more powerful car, the Mercedes-Benz SLR which was based on the Formula One car Mercedes-Benz Wentirely different from their sports cars carrying the SL name.

Both young German Hans Herrmann who had had remarkable previous efforts with Porsche and Briton Stirling Moss relied on the support of navigators while Juan Manuel Fangio car preferred to drive alone as usual, as he considered road races dangerous since his co-pilot was killed in South America. Karl Kling also drove alone, in the fourth Mercedes, Although this undoubtedly helped them, Moss's innate ability was clearly the predominant factor.

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Moss was competing against drivers with a large amount of local knowledge of the route, so the reconnaissance laps were considered an equaliser, rather than an advantage. Car with Hans Herrmann and Hermann Eger was said to be fastest in the early stages, though. Herrmann had already had a remarkable race inwhen the gate on a railroad crossing was lowered in the last moment before the fast train to Rome passed.

Driving a very low Porsche Spyder, Herrmann decided it was too late for a brake attempt anyway, knocked on the back of the helmet of his navigator Herbert Linge to make him duck, and they barely passed below the gates and before the train, to the surprise of the spectators.We are happy to announce the next edition of our event following the famous Mille Miglia.

New for the edition is that we are driving for two days, and not just one. With two days of driving and three nights in luxury hotels, the event is a great weekend escape to the most beautiful country in the world. Supercar included! As you already know, Mille Miglia is, without a shred of doubt, the most prestigious car rally in the world. It takes place every year, in May, in Italy.

The first rally was held in as an alternative to Formula One and attracts about five million! The rally always starts and ends in Brescia in the north of Italy. It then goes south to Rome and back to Brescia. The route is different every year. It is held on normal roads and the distance is always miles. Hence the name Mille Miglia thousand miles. Inthe route is counter-clockwise, going from Brescia to Tuscany and Rome, before heading north to Arezzo, Florence, Bologna and back to Brescia.

As the last years, we are driving the Mille Miglia road. Not for the entire rally of km, but for the very best roads: the stages that go through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. On the first day, we will drive an hour after the Mille Miglia cars. The second day, we will drive about one hour before. In total, you will have close to km of pure bliss with your supercar of choice during the two days of driving in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Now, here comes the best part: We have been able to source 33 supercars for this event for you. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and a McLaren.

You can find all details about the available cars below. You can fly into Tuscany, use one of our supercars, and enjoy the event like a rock star.

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The closest airport is Pisa, but Florence is also nearby. Let us know where you intend to land and we can organise transfer to and from the hotels for you. The event starts in Viareggio on the coast of Tuscany. Here, we await the Mille Miglia to arrive during the evening, to enjoy all the classic and vintage cars.

Check-in to the event is on Wednesday 12 of May. The car you have selected will be waiting for you just outside the hotel. Want to arrive in the afternoon and go for a drive? No problem, just be ready for the welcome mingle at and the dinner at The next day - Thursday 13 of May - we drive after Mille Miglia. We will join the stages along the coast of Tuscany, driving about a half an hour after the vintage cars.

Following the Mille Miglia route, we will not continue all the way to Rome.The Miglia, the thirty-eighth edition of the historical re-enactment of the race held from towill start from Brescia on May 13th returning on Saturday the 16th. At the starting line of the most important vintage car regularity race in the world, this year there will be cars, thirty less than last year, in order to guarantee greater safety and quality in services to the crews in the race.

The cars will be selected by a special commission among those registered on the site www. As every year, the race will be preceded by over one hundred modern cars. On Wednesday May 13th, from Brescia, the procession of vintage cars will cross the picturesque towns of Lake Garda, Desenzano and Sirmione, and will continue through Villafranca di Verona, Mantua, Ferrara and Ravenna to conclude the first day of competition at Cervia - Milan Marittima.

From Cesenatico, the next day the cars will drive to Urbino, Fabriano, Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno to enter the areas that still bear the signs of the earthquake, passing through Macerata, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno and Amatrice. From Rieti, vintage cars will arrive in Rome where, after the usual parade through the streets of the Eternal City, the second stage will end on the ever exciting via Veneto catwalk.

Going up from Lucca, the cars will leave Tuscany crossing the Cisa Pass, to then stop in Parma, the Italian Capital of Culture city, which will welcome the crews for the last night of the race. Saturday, May 16th the fourth and final day will see the passage from Salsomaggiore Terme, from the village of Castell'Arquato Piacenzafrom Cernusco sul Naviglio, the town in the province of Milan recently named the European City of Sport and then from Bergamo, before concluding the competition on the arrival ramp of Viale Venezia in Brescia, where it all began 93 years ago, inwith the first Coppa delle Miglia.

We have decided to further lower the number of racing cars so as to guarantee greater safety, exclusivity and an increase in the quality of the services offered to participants.

This procedure, which began inwill see the intense participation of communities and institutions that will team up with the aim of registering Miglia with UNESCO in ; among those who will work in synergy with ACI Brescia and Miglia Srl there will be the Municipality of Brescia that has made its fundamental resource of experience in the matter of the Brescia Museums Foundation available.

To defend and protect this heritage, we have made important organizational changes starting this year, starting with the introduction of precise vehicle registration restrictions. Currently, there are already car application in the Registro Miglia.

Mille Miglia

From the experts who have to examine cars, the boards of Miglia Srl and ACI Brescia have asked to select with the utmost attention and rigor, entailing that the selection procedure is very scrupulous and requires more time. In addition, as the opening date for registration for the race approaches, the requests to join the Registro are increasing. For these reasons, Miglia Srl has decided to allow the registration to the Miglia also to the cars not yet accepted by the Registro, provided that for the same the registration has been completed on the site www.

Due to this procedure, the examination for acceptance to the Registro will take place simultaneously with the selection of the cars that will participate in the Miglia. The work of examining the cars will continue in the next few months, offering the owners of cars already accepted by the Registro the advantage of registering for the Miglia simply by quoting the registration number, without having to enter data, documents and photographs of their vehicle.

Mille Miglia Route Revealed.

mille miglia route

Share this Article. Mille Miglia. Related Articles. Date and Route for Mille Miglia Announced.

mille miglia route

Gallery: Day One of the Mille Miglia. Gallery - Mille Miglia First Leg. Gallery - Mille Miglia Day Four.Buy from Amazon. After much anticipation, March 26th finally arrived.

Spectator safety was a major concern for the organizers and contemporary accounts suggest that 25 or more soldiers lined the route to control the onlookers.

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Race rules obliged the competitors to observe conventional traffic regulations throughout. There were seventy-seven entries for the race.

The most unusual was an entry by one Frate Ignoto Unknown Monk who was actually Arturo Mercanti the Brescian who helped found the Monza Autodrome and who would not soon be forgiven, Italy being a country of long memories. There were 14 controls located along the circuit and for the inaugural race it was decided that the largest cars would start first and the largest of them all was the 8-liter Isotta Fraschini driven by no less than Aymo Maggi and co-driven by Bindo Maserati, one of the famous Maserati brothers.

Foreign participation amounted to no more than three small Peugeots in class H up to cc. At in the morning history was written and the legend of the thousand miles had begun. The first stage to Bologna saw the Alfa Romeo of Brilli-Peri in the lead being chased by around 76 combatants. One of the best drivers of his day, Brilli-Peri the hunted animal continued to hold the others at bay. Into the Apennines they climbed the Raticosa and Futa passes in a cloud of dirt and sharp rocks.

Now through Rome and on the return leg the Alfa continued to lead the two O. The O. With darkness falling enterprising spectators lit torches to help the drives on their way. The third place Alfa of Marinoni and Ramponi failed at the hour mark and thus scored O.

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Both Minoia and Morandi were local racers with the latter competing in the Mille Miglia for another twenty years. This only added to the celebrations that would take place in Brescia in the days to come. The winning car averaged Fiat maintained a brisk Virtually unnoticed in all of the hoopla was a young Mantuan motorcycle racer who scored a 5th place in the c. His focus turning more and more to four wheels Tazio Nuvolari promised himself that they would all know his name soon enough.

Weeks before the race the roads were filled with cars from dawn to dusk whereupon the drivers would retire to the cafes surrounding the Piazza della Vittoria which would go down in history as the stage upon which the cars would be scrutineered.Entries for the Miglia are now being accepted through January 18th.

In order to be eligible for the race, the cars must have registered for the Registro Miglia www. The race will follow the tradition of the route, from Brescia to Rome and back, with legs in Viareggio and Bologna, but this edition will introduce an absolute novelty for the re-enactment of the Miglia: for the first time ever, the race will take place in the opposite direction of the recent editions, driving in the counter-clockwise direction of many editions of the original speed race.

From Brescia, the crews will head towards the Tyrrhenian coast and stop in Viareggio, leaving the next day for Rome. The third leg will start in the Capital, go up north and end beyond the Apennines, in Bologna. The fourth and last leg, from Bologna, will finish with the traditional arrival in Brescia. A feature that will satisfy many fans of the race will be a new route leading the crews to face, for the first time, three mountain passes: the Cisa Pass in the first leg and the Futa and Raticosa Passes on the third day.

You must be logged in to post a comment. THE ROUTE The race will follow the tradition of the route, from Brescia to Rome and back, with legs in Viareggio and Bologna, but this edition will introduce an absolute novelty for the re-enactment of the Miglia: for the first time ever, the race will take place in the opposite direction of the recent editions, driving in the counter-clockwise direction of many editions of the original speed race.

October 26, 0. May 11, 0.The fleet of Classic Car Travel with their SLs of the s and s intermix with the historical race cars on the third leg of the Mille Miglia. Your transfer from the airport to the hotel will give you a good ide a of what to expect in the upcoming days.

mille miglia route

Your heart will start beating even faster when you start the ignition for the first time and drive off in your Mercedes-Benz SL classic car. The rolling hills of Chianti between Florence and Siena, with their famous wineries, are symbolic of Tuscany.

The world-famous cultural landscape of Chianti is characterized by its old castles and palaces, as well as dense woodland and vast forests. Medieval villages, sprawling wineries and the Mille Miglia: you are right in the middle of real Italy. At Every day the teams start ordered by construction year of their car, the oldest classic cars start first. We join the Mille Miglia squad on the original track intermix with Mille Miglia teams all the way to Siena.

All Mille Miglia teams must collect a stamp in Siena on the main square, where the Palio is also held. For us it is the perfect opportunity to experience the cars and their drivers close up and, if you like, to chat with them.

In the late afternoon we drive back to the hotel with the SLs via Castellina in Chianti. In the evening we end the long, eventful day with an individual dinner on the hotel terrace. Fantastic scenery that will set your heart alight lies ahead of you today. Follow quiet country roads through the Crete Senesi, characterized by clay, cypress trees, expansive fields of grain and oak forests.

After all that culture, your classic car will be eager to get going again.

mille miglia route

On the way back, you will be impressed by the crater-like landscape. Day 4: San Gimignano and Monteriggioni, along cypress-lined country roads. Following yesterday's tour, we continue our driving experience through the romantic Italian hills. The winding historical road Siena-Firenze leads you from Castellina on to Poggibonsi, and onwards on rarely crowded secondary roads to San Gimignano.

The small town - rich in art and culture - is located in the upper Elsa Valley and world-famous for its almost unchanged ancient appearance. Medieval skyscrapers dominate the skyline of this small Tuscan town. At the peak of fashion San Gimignano boasted no less the 72 of them. Today 15 remain and nicknamed the place 'Manhattan of the Middle Ages'. A variety of places invites you to linger for a short cappuccino break. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the fortress of Monteriggioni, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a last-minute homemade pasta in a historic setting.

We will transport you to Florence Airport in good time for your return flight, and you will be taking home wonderful memories of days filled with adventure and pure driving pleasure.

You did not find a suitable date or you would prefer another region to do your classic car experience? From a minimum group size of 12 people we will design your exclusive, individual Classic Car Tour. Models will be swapped. KG, which you can view hereshall apply. For over years, unique innovations and timeless elegance have ensured that the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz is pointing towards the future.

In the first half of the 19th century, the lifetime achievements of two personalities — Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz — revolutionised the history of the car, laying the foundations for individual mobility.We welcome you join us for the newest addition to our Special Event Tours.

Our hotels are known for their stylish accommodations and high level of personal services. You will enjoy a daily breakfast and the convenience of their respective locations.

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The hotels below represent those we will use based on availability. With only a small number of rooms, it provides a boutique 4-star hotel in the historical center.

Our primary rooms are Deluxe Double and subject to availability. The historic building, located in Piazza Duomo, offers seven exclusive suites, all of them offering charming amenities and views. Each suite features a kitchenette, air conditioning, satellite TV, and Internet service. International Airfare Meals not specifically mentioned Gratuities and extras of any personal nature City Taxes payable directly to the hotel.

Your private transfer will take you from Florence airport to Siena for hotel check in. Morning breakfast and then we are off with each of you in your own vintage Fiat Cinquecento.

We will venture through the Chianti countryside, stopping at the local villages and visiting a local winery for tour and lunch. After this full day, return to Siena and take the evening at your leisure. B, L, W, O. You will have time to enjoy the arrival, while having a prepared lunch in one of the restaurants in the campo or in one of our private apartments overlooking the square.

B, L, W. Morning breakfast and depart to Parma, famous for it food production ham and cheeseplus as a base for exploring the nearby auto production facilities and museums. In the evening after a special aperitif, a welcome dinner in a favorite local restaurant.

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B, D, W. After this special lunch a return to Parma and the evening at your leisure. Morning breakfast and then your day offers a guided tour to the regions famous Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese production factories. This will be a full day, complete with lunch at a local winery.

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